Mfg. of P.P. & H.I.P.S. Disposables & Packing Materials

About Us

We are Nagpur based manufacturers and suppliers of high quality P.P. and H.I.P.S. disposable food packaging items. We offer a wide range of products which include meal trays, square containers, round containers, combo trays, glasses, bowls, lids for trays and containers, etc. Our products are recyclable and safe to use. Currently, ur manufacturing facility consists of an extruder, two thermoforming machines, a grinder and a six colour printing machine.

Utmost care is taken by us to maintain highest quality standards. We use the best quality raw materials procured from renowned and established brands and maintain hygienic working conditions in our factory premises through continuous wet and dry cleaning methods.

Our aim is to be able to provide a wide variety of highest quality disposable products, which best suits the customer requirements at the most reasonable prices.

We cater to different players in the field of food industry including hotels and restaurants, caterers, bakeries, sweet manufacturers, etc. and boast of an esteemed clientele comprising of Haldiram Food International Pvt. Ltd., GCMMF (Amul), Mummy Foods, Dinshaws, Good day foods and many more.

The production and other major activities of the organization are under continuous surveillance of an able and experienced personnel comprising of :